Multiple Column Support: Puriflash® Open Access Lab CarouXel

Multiple Column Support: Puriflash® Open Access Lab CarouXel

puriFlash® Open Access Lab


  • Liquid injection or solid deposition


  • Capacity up to 10 columns
  • Compatibility of columns in format F0001 to F0330
  • Automatic placement of the CarouXel on the column support designated for this method

Automation and communication

  • Control via the InterSoft X software

Sequential mode

  • Chaining of purifications one after the other
  • Possibility of creating a method during a run with subsequent placement of the column and the dry-load


  • Multi-user mode thanks to the sample queue functionality of the InterSoft X software


  • Designated discharge path to clean the CarouXel between each method and to avoid possible cross-contamination

Collection of fractions

  • Second collector: Increased collection capacity thanks to a second collector for fractions, making it possible to add 4 additional racks (option)


  • Retention tank with a leak detector
  • 10-way valve multi waste container: 10 different paths to the waste container so that each column has its own path to prevent possible cross-contamination between the different purifications (option)


  • The puriFlash® Open Access Lab CarouXel can be coupled with the following purification systems: puriFlash® PF-5.020 and PF-5.050


  • Computer interface: RS-232 cable
  • 3 power cords: UK, US and European

Power supply

  • Voltage: 220 V or 110 V (50/60 Hz)

Dimensions & Weight

  • Weight : 45 kg

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