French K.I.S.S.*

Keep Intelligence Simple and Smart*

Or the concept of simplexity from the French point of view.

We are French, you know.

One of the first associations evoked by the mention of our nationality is in general an exaggerated romanticism. To exercise our right of reply to this cliché, you must know that we prefer passion to romanticism characterized by naïvety. It is this passion for our profession which guides us and drives us to excellence every day. In France we say: he who loves does not count, although we know how much details count.

Every country has its own history and far from any clichés, we are descendants of the enlighteners and numerous scientists such as Louis Pasteur, Marie Curie, Blaise Pascal, Andre-Marie Ampère and many others.

Revolutionary or visionary? Why even decide. Our guiding principle is to provide you with the best technologies and to invent new ones every day. We do not aim to think outside the box, but as if there is no box. Progressive thinkers? We strive to be just that and try to think big for you, then to structure things as compactly as possible, so that this bundled technology can find its place perfectly naturally and be useful to you in everyday life.

“It seems that perfection is not achieved when there is nothing left to add, but when nothing more can be left out,” said Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The principle of K.I.S.S. (Keep Intelligence Simple and Smart) is central to the development of all our products. How do we keep the intelligence of our purification systems at such a simple and intuitive level despite their complex technology? How do we optimized the ergonomics of our products to keep the number of operations as low as possible?
Even though France has gained a reputation worldwide with its captivating French Kiss, we want to give it a completely different nuance with our version of the K.I.S.S. concept. Simplexity is our quintessence through which each of our Interchim® products becomes unique and sets itself apart from so many others. (Simplexity is a complex engineering process, which lies in the fact that it makes the pooling of powerful features simple and clear).

Even though one of our priorities is the reduction of complexity in order to provide you with unparalleled working comfort, this alone does not satisfy us because we are committed to provide you with top-notch quality products, as proven by their robustness over the years.

And, even if our instruments or consumer goods are a way of paying tribute to the great scientists of centuries gone by and to whom we owe these opportunities, we are definitely forward-looking. Side by side, our hope is that they will be proven to become the instrument with which to write the most beautiful stories of tomorrow.