Solid Injection : Dry Load

Solid Injection : Dry Load


Inject with complete confidence


Inject with complete confidence

Exceed the limits of liquid injection

Injection of large quantities

No crystalisation phenomena

No risk of error thanks to automatic RFID recognition

And finally forget about your solubility problems with our various Dry Load solutions.

Do you prefer empty Dry Loads, ones to be fully filled or prefilled Dry Loads?
Would you like to optimize your time with the ready-to-use Dry Loads which only need to be filled with your sample? With our wide range of Dry Loads you will find the suitable solution for each one of your preferences.

Solid Injection Dry Load interchim
Solid Injection Dry Load purification

Inject without pressure limit

So far only available in a disposable plastic version, the Dry Loads are now also available in a stainless steel version. These are reusable and also have the advantage of greater resistance to pressure.
With the stainless steel Dry Loads, you can carry out solid injections on a preparative column and in flash column applications where the maximum pressure resistance of a plastic Dry Load would be insufficient.

Direct or automated?
These two connection types are available:

Connect the Dry Load directly to your column or use the “Load & Go” valve to benefit from even more automation.

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Plastic or high quality stainless steel

Compatible with normal phase (NP)
and reverse phase (RP)


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