Our compact evaporator with multiple positions
Super simple. Super smart.


Our compact evaporator with multiple positions
Super simple. Super smart.

The evaporator puriVap-6TM is the best solution for the evaporation of your samples with a volume from 2 mL to 60 mL. This compact system becomes indispensable because it enables up to 6 samples to be evaporated simultaneously, even if the dimensions differ.

Evaporator puriVap-6 interchim

for evaporating your samples.

Astute accessories
to gain precious time.

Trust our astute range of accessories and forget about the the usual constraints. Thanks to our aluminum adapters that can be fixed to any position independently from each other, vials of different sizes can be evaporated at the same time.

Evaporator puriVap-6 interchim
Evaporator puriVap-6 interchim
Evaporator puriVap-6 interchim
More information on the simultaneous evaporation from vials of different sizes.

The needle height as well as the flow of nitrogen are adjustable individually for each channel.

Take a glance at your samples.
Visualize them at any time!

An integrated window ensures that the evaporation process of the samples becomes visible. This opening makes it extremely easy to adjust the needle and the flow of nitrogen, and limits the risk of sample splashes.

Adjust your needles and reduce your nitrogen consumption.

The height of the needle is adjustable individually to suit the level of the sample in the vial. This special feature of the puriVap-6TM allows efficient evaporation and a reduction of your nitrogen consumption.

Evaporator puriVap-6 chromatography

To consume even less nitrogen:

Our evaporator is supplied with nitrogen independently. The flow of nitrogen can be monitored individually by means of a control valve. A low pressure of 1 to 2 bar is required to supply the puriVap-6TM, therefore your nitrogen consumption can be reduced further.

Evaporator puriVap-6 interchim

Step into the vortex

And discover our evaporation process

Concentrate the essential.
3 steps at most. And the rest disappears.

For a concentration after purification

For a concentration after extraction

An ultra compact system.

Due to its small dimensions, the evaporator can be placed underneath a ventilation system in a space-saving way so that you always have it at your side.

Evaporator puriVap-6 interchim

Ready for evaporation?
It’s going to heat up. Yes, up to 100°C.

To provide you with a high level of flexibility and due to the fact that the matrix of a sample might be aqueous, the puriVap-6TM reaches heating temperatures of up to 100°C. The temperature of the aluminum heating block can be defined in an extremely easy and user-friendly way via the control panel and its minimalistic interface, which indicates the target value and the actual value. This means you can observe the temperature increase and follow the heating-up of the system in real time. Since we know that you do not have any time to lose, the system very quickly reaches the programmed temperature due to an increase of 4°C per minute.

More information

Examples of solvent evaporation times

Sample volume: 5 mL | Nitrogen gas supply: 1 bar

SolventSolven Boiling point (°C)Setting temperature (°C)Evaporation time (min)
Ethyl acetate77,15014
Methylene chloride39,6407
Evaporator puriVap-6 purification
Reproducibility of evaporation
Injection loops purification
Rapid evaporation
Detectors UV-Vis chromatography
Visual level monitoring of the sample
Evaporator puriVap-6 interchim
Compatible with samples from 2 to 60 mL
Evaporator puriVap-6 purification

Simultaneous evaporation of up to
6 samples

Evaporator puriVap-6 chromatography
Individual monitoring of the nitrogen flow
Evaporator puriVap-6 purification
Adjustment of the needles and reduction of the nitrogen consumption
Evaporator puriVap-6 chromatography
Heating temperatures of up to 100°C

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