« TLC to Flash & Prep Chromatography »

Revolutionize your TLC using our App

« TLC to Flash & Prep Chromatography »

Revolutionize your TLC using our App

What if the future was now
and you could hold it in your hands ?

Augmented reality for a greatly improved daily routine.

In our capacity as experts for purification, we aim to offer maximum working comfort as well as highest efficiency in your laboratory.

Thanks to the App that we have developed, we can share your future vision: constantly providing new technology solutions for you. It takes a digital form here, virtual but already real on the screen of your mobile or tablet.

A unique technology that slides through your fingers with one single click.

Our idea is to support you and to save you time day by day. Therefore our App allows for:

• Automatic detection of your compounds and calculation of your Rf and ΔCV (=ΔK) values
• Direct (and secured) information transfer to puriFlash® and the ”Genius” software, which suggests the best method for a successful purification
• Data archiving, if desired.

Visionary. Simple. Efficient.

Flash & Go: « New TLC »

The application can be used extremely intuitively and user-friendly:

TLC to Flash & Prep Chromatography application

Take a picture of your plate or download it via your library

TLC to Flash & Prep Chromatography application

The compounds are automatically detected. Select the compounds of interest with just one click

TLC to Flash & Prep Chromatography Interchim

The application calculates your Rf and ΔCV (=ΔK) values and indicates whether your Rf values are within a comfortable range for purification

TLC to Flash & Prep Chromatography Interchim

From the smallest ΔCV obtained on your TLC plate, the application gives you the level of difficulty of the separation

TLC to Flash & Prep Chromatography interchim

Enter the solvents, their proportions and your comments into the appropriate fields

TLC to Flash & Prep Chromatography purification

Send the TLC Information to an email address of your choice or directly to your puriFlash®

« MY TLC » for the retention of data.

All information of your previous TLC plates are archived in a single location. In case you would like to reuse the parameters of the plate for a new separation, simply send them to any puriFlash® with a single click.

« SETTINGS » to personalize your experience.

Connect your smartphone and Tablet with your puriFlash® via bluetooth or Wifi.
Configurate your application according to your preferences.
Quickly and directly access our internet sites.

You need a tablet or smartphone to benefit from our application in your laboratory?

Nothing more simple: Select your choice from the accessories offered for all our purification systems in the configurator.

Download the app now

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“TLC to Flash & Prep Chromatography” is a free application. Our wish was to enable everybody to use it freely. You can even use it if you do not possess a puriFlash® purification system. Nevertheless, your experience as an user may be reduced since our systems are equipped with a unique technology that allows for data exchange only within these systems. Therefore you cannot equally benefit from the “Genius” proposals with regard to the best methods for your purification. However, it is never too late to opt for excellence and discover our purification systems.