Integrated ELSD
(evaporative light scattering detector)

Interchim Flash Purification


  • Integrated ELSD
  • Gas inlet pipe
  • Drainage pipe for liquids
  • Gas discharge pipe


  • Highly sensitive photodiode


  • Source: LED (470 nm)
  • Temperature: from room temperature to 100 °C
  • Minimum required gas pressure: 1-1,5L/min – 1 bar

    Purification of raw samples from a few milligrams to hundreds of grams


  • Dynamic Split: 40 μl/min for samples that flow into the ELSD
  • Sensitivity: <100 ng caffeine (LOD)
  • Automatic gain control (SAGA)
  • Low temperature technology
    Specially developed for purification (nebuliser, required gas pressure, lost sample quantities)


  • Control via InterSoft X software
  • Computer interface: 2 x RS-232 cable

Compatible with puriFlash® purification systems

  • The integrated ELSD is part of the iELSD Pack.
    It can be connected to the puriFlash® PF-5.020, PF-5.050, PF-5.250, PF-5.250P

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