Integrated ELSD

(Evaporative light scattering detector)

Secure your detection
thanks to a universal detector

Integrated ELSD

(Evaporative light scattering detector)

Secure your detection
thanks to a universal detector

The feature of an evaporative light scattering detector (ELSD) is to be universal. In contrast to other detectors such as UV, RI and mass detectors, compounds can be detected up to 100%.
The ELSD can be used very flexibly in the normal phase or in the reversed phase, but also in the methods of isocratic separation or multiple solvent gradients. The response factors of the ELSD are always constant.
Our ELSD is integrated directly into the purification systems puriFlash® equipped with the iELSD Pack and therefore requires zero space.

Detect your compounds in 3 steps:







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The non-chromophoric compounds become visible.

In contrast to a UV detector which only detects compounds that have a chromophore, the ELSD can detect all compounds including carbohydrates, peptides, amino acids, fats, phospholipids, polymers, sugars (polysaccharides, oligosaccharides), PEGs, and proteins.

Optimized specifically for purification:
Surround yourself with nothing but the best to give you peak performance.

Working closely with Sedere, the market leader in this field, our ELSD has been engineered to meet Flash and preparative purification requirements and eliminate common constraints. Incomparable. Unsurpassed.

The ELSD is equipped with a perfected nebuliser to avoid any risk of blockages.
The flow and gas pressure required for the proper functioning of the ELSD has been designed for use in all organic and analytical chemistry laboratories. The “make-up” technology of the pump and the “Dynamic Split” Interchim®, guarantee the best possible yield with an exceptionally small sample volume of only 40 μl/min. This is a crucial parameter for choosing your ELSD because, as this is a destructive detector, your yield will be directly affected.

Benefit from the low temperature technology.

Low temperature technology – this technological advancement patented by Sedere, greatly enhances the sensitivity of the detector in that it is equipped with an efficient photomultiplier and a unique nebuliser cell that allows the selection of droplets according to their size. More specifically: the large droplets which are more difficult to evaporate, are responsible for heightened noise. The selection of droplets and the exclusion of those exceeding the permitted size allow for the temperature to be lowered without compromising the sensitivity of the compounds (signal-to-noise ratio).


Thanks to this technology you will never again need additional peripheral devices such as a nebuliser with heating system (spray chamber) or an evaporation tube (Peltier cooler), which can damage their heat-sensitive compounds.

Automatic gain control (SAGA)
Simply revolutionary.

The SAGA (Sedex Automated Gain Adjustment) function, created by a new collaboration between Interchim® x Sedere, adapts automatically and perfectly to the gain control of the ELSD.

Gain is an amplification factor that allows the strength of the signal to be adjusted and must be set according to the sample load to be purified. Its manual adjustment is sensitive. A gain factor which is too weak may result in impurities not being detected. With a too high gain factor, the ELSD becomes too sensitive. The impurities are detected, but the two main compounds are also flushed out.

With SAGA you rely on the simplicity and confidence in your detection.

Free yourself from the constraints of manually adjusting the gain control of the quantities to be purified: The use of puriFlash® purification systems becomes even easier. Cast this problem to the wind. Achieve the ideal sensitivity to detect all compounds without saturation. The automatic gain control SAGA prevents the signal from saturating and detects a very small amount of the product at the same time. There is thus no saturation of the ELSD and no effect on the sensitivity. All compounds are detected and 100% of them are seen. Sedere has filed a patent for this technical achievement, SAGA. The automatic gain control is delivered with all puriFlash® devices that have the iELSD Pack.

More on the advantages of automatic gain control

Illustration of the advantages of the automatic gain control with the separation of 2 diastereomers:
5 mL injection (625 mg of each compound)
Column: PF-15SIHP-F0025 | Flow rate: 15 mL/min

Using an arbitrary ELSD and a gain control set too low:

Using an arbitrary ELSD and a gain control set too high: The phenomenon of saturation is determined, the two main components were flushed out.

With the integrated ELSD Interchim® and its unique SAGA function: all compounds are detected without any saturation.

From a few milligrams to several hundred grams,
Purify without calculating.

The puriFlash® coupled with the integrated ELSD allows you to purify raw products from a few milligrams up to several hundred grams. On a day to day basis you will benefit from an unsurpassed maximal elution flow rate (up to 200 mL/min) and the use of puriFlash® columns in the formats F0001 to F0800 for unmatched performance.

InterSoft X. Everything is under control.

If your ELSD is not used during purification, you save by switching off the lamp as well as the gas.
At the end of each purification, the ELSD and the dynamic split are automatically cleaned to ensure their proper operation.

Universal detector

Low temperature technology

Purification of raw samples from a few mg up to several hundred g

Control via the InterSoft X software

Specifically developed for purification

Automatic gain control

The integrated ELSD is part of the iELSD Pack

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