Mass spectrometers : puriFlash® MS

Mass spectrometers : puriFlash® MS

puriFlash® MS
puriFlash® MS-HWM
& MS Splitter

Mass-triggered fraction collection via normal or reverse-phase Flash or preparative Chromatography.
Confirmation of the mass and purity of the collected fractions
Real-time reaction monitoring
Compact spectrometer that can be positioned underneath a fume hood, direct analyses


  • Source ESI, APCI or APCI/ASAP (Optional)
  • A single analysis for positive and negative ion mode
  • Flow ESI: 10 µL/min to 1 mL/min
  • Flow APCI: 10 µL/min to 2 mL/min
  • Flow ASAP: 10 µL/min to 2 mL/min
  • puriFlash® MS range: 10 to 1200 m/z
  • puriFlash® MS-HMW range: 10 to 2000 m/z
  • Acquisition frequency per second 10,000 m/z
  • Sensitivity (ESI) 10 pg reserpin (FIA – injection of 5 µL to 100 µL/min) S/N: 100/1 (RMS) with SIM of m/z 609.3
  • Accuracy +/- 0.1 m/z for the entire acquisition range
  • Stability +/- 0.1 m/z for a period of 12h (18°C -24°C)
  • Polarity-change speed: 50 ms


  • Direct injection (FIA) or ASAP source
  • The injection valve on the front side allows direct introduction of the diluted compounds before purification
  • The target masses are automatically transferred into the purification method for the purpose of collection
  • Liquid or solid samples can be introduced directly into the source using the ASAP source

Required for the functioning of the system

  • Nitrogen 60 psi >98 % purity
  • Gas consumption <10 L/min
  • Solvent grade LC/MS

MS Splitter

  • Interchim® Concept
  • Combined “Split and Dilution” Technology
  • Compatible with all column sizes
  • Even with a high flow, no counterpressure is generated
  • Dilution after split to adjust the quantity entering the source and to avoid system saturation


  • Entirely controlled via the Intersoft X Software
  • Automatic and standardized scale for every signal (MS, UV, DEDL) up to 6 detection channels
  • Real-time mass spectrum
  • Mass spectrum at a given time


  • Mass : connection to puriFlash® via USB
  • MS Splitter : connection to puriFlash® via RS-232 cable

Power supply

  • Voltage to ground : 100/240 AC voltage
  • Outlet of choice : UK, Europe, USA

Dimensions & weight

Mass spectrometers puriFlash MS purification
  • Weight : 15 kg | Weight : 32 kg

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