Artificial intelligence at your service


Artificial intelligence at your service

Not a magic lamp, no limited number of wishes.
If it is your wish to always get optimal purifications, we have already fulfilled it.

Genius, that is:

– the artificial intelligence at the heart of our InterSoftX software.
– the impression that it is magic, but it remains purely technological.
– the one you will like to challenge, and which will amaze you.
– numerous and complex algorithms to make your purifications that simple.
– the one to generate the best possible purification method for any of your samples based on your TLC or HPLC data.
– your best ally so that your results are always those of an expert.
– our entire know how and our technology at your service.
– and above all much more than that.

Welcome to the universe of Genius:

Brand new technologies to extend the boundaries of chromatography and gain time daily for maximum productivity.

And what if there was only one Flash at the beginning? Go!

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When Genius nestles into your smartphone:

Download our app “My TLC to Flash & Prep Chromatography”. Take a photo of your TLC plate, the compounds will be detected automatically, indicate those that are of interest, provide some information about your solvent, the quantity to be purified, add comments if you wish to.
And transfer everything directly to the purification system puriFlash®.

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And follows you on the puriFlash®:

Find your data in the “ITT” for “intelligent TLC transposition” and with the submitted information Genius will propose the ideal method with the best column for the success of your purification. Not in stock? No problem, it adapts itself.

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And because we all need a little boost.

To enable you to react to all unforeseen events and significantly accelerate your purification, this function allows you to reduce the analysis time while at the same time guaranteeing that no product gets lost.

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